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IP Console (Audio)

IP Console (Audio)
IP Console (Audio) IP Console (Audio)
Brand: Abletek
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Product Overview:
IP Console (Audio) is an Abletek developed software solution, to create PC based IP audio / voice applications. Using a simple click/touch and speak' interface, the console can be used to provide control and audio input to wider IP audio applications (voice, tones, music, alarm, message etc..). IP Console (Audio) is designed primerily as a software based IP microphone console for Public Address (PA) / 'Tannoy' solutions. We also offer the IP Console in two other design options. As a software 'Master' station in an IP Intercom solution, and as an audio signage application (eg. public information point, receptions, museums etc..). The IP Console (Audio) software runs on a host PC (not supplied), and uses the PC / hardware microphone or headset for voice/audio input (we suggest a quality, high gain microphone for best/most flexible results - not supplied).

Software & Design:
IP Console (Audio) software is Java based, and thus requires Java Runtime Environment running on the host IPConsole (Audio) PC. IP Console (Audio) is designed from the ground up, each application and design is different. The amount of zones/buttons/images is essentially limited only by the PC screen. We offer four standard package configuration arrangements (arranged into zones - see prices). Please contact us for a quote for zone numbers greater than 8, or for specific project layouts or art work.

Note: IP Console (Audio) software is 'opensource' and is not licenced, you are free to copy as required (essentially, once purchased, you can re-use / copy the software onto multiple PC's to create multiple IP Consoles). However, any modification or change to an Abletek supplied IP Console project and design MUST be authorised by Abletek. No unauthorised re-selling of Abletek IP Console is permitted.

How does IPConsole (Audio) work?
We have developed IPConsole(Audio) for exclusive use with Barix ABCL firmware / devices. IP Console (Audio) defines buttons and/or images that are configured to establish IP audio streams from IPConsole (Audio) on the host PC to the specified Barix device or devices - an audio stream could be to one, many or all devices. For example, IPConsole (Audio) has a button or image of the company canteen, click the image to stream audio to the canteen Exstreamer P5 decoder/speaker device and audio/voice is output from the speaker.

What does the Package Option provide?
Once we receive your order we will contact you for your device, network and button/image details. We will then design and configure a new IPConsole (Audio) project against the chosen package and to the zone details as required. We will send you the completed IPConsole (Audio) project and software for your/customer installation to you via email (basic IT and networking knowledge is assumed).

How long does the process take (when will I receive my configured IP Console)?
Once we receive your instructions, network configuration details and any button and artwork images, we aim to send your completed bespoke IP Console in 3 days.

Package Options **:
1 Zone: The basic IPConsole software package is for a single zone/button/image.
2 Zones: 2 zones/buttons/images
4 Zones: 4 zones/buttons/images
8 Zones: 8 zones/buttons/images

** Please contact us for additional zones, buttons, images/artwork.

IPConsole(Audio) requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE 6.0 +) running on the host PC (not supplied). Customer may also require download of MP3 libraries (default is PCM, G.711 which doesnt require any additional libraries).
Note2: IPConsole(Audio) will NOT work with IPWIFI
Note3: IPConsole(Audio) works with Barix IP audio decoders and IP decoder/speaker unit arrangements - not supplied. (eg. Exstreamer P5, 100, 200 units)
Note4: Assumes customer supplied network and addressing details to be supplied to Abletek as required.
Note5: Assumes customer supplied images (to specified size/dpi quality), no images or artwork to be made by Abletek. 
Note6: Assumes customer installation of the IPConsole(Audio) software plus associated images onto customer/host PC - no local site attendance is provisioned.

• Multi-zone Public Address (PA) / 'Tannoy' / audio broadcast solutions
• IP Intercom, 'Master' station / console
• Voice Evacuation and Voice Alarm (VA)
• Audio Signage (receptions, public spaces, information points, museums etc..)