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Commercial IP Audio

Traditional commercial audio systems rely on centralised amplification equipment connected to a dedicated cable based topology that is 'fixed' for the audio application function. Freed from cabling constraints, IP based commercial audio system applications can provide improved functional capability and deployment flexibility, often against a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Commercial IP Audio Applications:

Commercial IP audio applications: (eg. IP PA | IP Tannoy, IP Background Music | IP BGM, IP Intercom, IP broadcast / talkback) and wider bespoke commercial IP audio, leverage and interconnect via IP based network topologies.
Streaming IP audio transmission - integrated commercial IP audio solutions can enable enhanced, flexible delopyment oportunities whilst limiting or removing the need for dedicated cabling.

Commercial IP Audio - Applications Overview

Want to know more about Commercial IP Audio Applications?

IP Public Address (IP PA) and IP Tannoy
IP Background Music and IP Radio
IP Intercom
IP Audio Broadcast and IP Talkback

Commercial IP audio transforms application capability and design. Free from traditional technology restrictions and dedicated cabling constraints, we can look to create integrated audio solutions that were not previously possible.

These links are to general commercial IP audio market and application examples.
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