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Factory PA & 'Tannoy'

Calling for staff, making site notifications and instruction, first aid responder and breakdown/maintenance requests are some examples of typical Public Address (PA) and Tannoy) audio applications found within many factories, industrial and warehousing buildings and sites. Specification, design and installation of factory production, industrial, and warehousing audio solutions makes up a large percentage of our project works. We have successfully designed, supplied and installed a wide range of factory PA / tannoy systems, providing professional and experienced contractor services, supporting customers in these often hazardous and demanding locations.

Factory PA Factory Tannoy Factories, production and industrial facilities commonly present environments that prove challenging and sometimes constraint to pa / tannoy coverage and capabilities. Often large volume areas, with high background / ambient noise levels, these workspaces call for a considered and experienced approach to the design of a pa / tannoy, radio or Background Music (BGM) based system. Abletek has designed and installed industrial and factory pa / tannoy systems for over twelve years. We are experienced contractors having worked within all factory, production and industrial environments. We understand, appreciate and strictly adhere to government and industry quality and safe working practices. Our staff and engineers are trained and experienced individuals, providing a qualified and respectful understanding to local customer policy, eg. protective equipment and clothing, working at height, hot working, sanitised / clean / hygiene.

Factory PA / 'Tannoy' Installation Customers: (Examples)

British Sugar UPOL Premier Foods
British Sugar - Newark UPOL - Wellingborough Premier Foods - Worksop


Factory Background Music / Radio (BGM)

To help improve and maintain workforce satisfaction (which can often translate to improvement in productivity), we are commonly asked to provide background music and/or radio (BGM) within factory production and industrial settings. Managed selection of source audio (music/radio station) and volume levels provides control of noise levels and adherence of specific health and safety policy. For many projects, Abletek provides specialist survey, design and speaker selection (acoustic profiling). We are also able to offer advice and support with copyright: Public Licensing - PRS (writers and publishers), PPL (artists and performers).

Factory Break and Shift Change - Tones/Bells

Many factory, industrial and warehousing settings employ time and attendance systems to track and control workforce attendance. This is often done against shift start/end and also break periods. Indicative of these attendance times and break periods, we often provide audible tones/bells so that personnel respond collectively (often an important role of workforce planning/management). Utilising the Factory PA / Tannoy system (extending and protecting existing investment), we can connect an audio store/playback unit. Holding standard WAV or MP3 audio files, play back of the tones/bells audio held on this unit is typically 'triggered' by a dedicated timer or it can be connected to the factory/setting time and attendance system to provide added accuracy and synchronicity.

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