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IP BGM Music | IP Radio

IP Music IP Radio

IP Background Music & IP Radio (IP BGM)

Traditional Background Music and Radio (BGM) application audio sources (eg. from CD/MP3 player or radio tuner) generally connect and present as an auxiliary input to the local audio mixing and amplification equipment.
IP Music, IP Radio and Streaming IP audio (IP BGM) application audio sources interconnect and distribute through an IP based network infrastructure (LAN, WAN and Internet/VPN). As a result, this enables new and improved design topologies, and provides for audio music source location independence (eg. a centralised IP BGM application for large projects or multi-site designs). Many commercial customers choose to stream music from playlists streamed within their LAN - Interface to web based IP audio, radio and music stream services (eg. internet radio, Spotify) is also made possible.

How does streaming IP Music and IP Radio work?

Encoded IP audio is streamed locally from the LAN, from another site/location via WAN/VPN or from the public internet. IP Audio Decoder units are used to decode IP audio to traditional audio. This output can then be coupled directly to standard 8ohm speakers (using a decoder unit with integrated amplifier) or as an input to standard 100v PA / Tannoy audio equipment for amplification to PA / Tannoy speakers (100v).

Example IP Music IP Radio

Existing Installations: For existing installations, an IP audio decoder unit an be installed to control and provide the transition from IP audio to traditional audio. We can also offer IP audio decoder/amplifier units that contain an integrated amplifier, which means we can directly connect a standard 8ohm speaker (both of these options are shown by the diagram opposite).

New Installations and Upgrades: IP audio decoder units can be installed as described above. In addition, we can also offer traditional 100v mixer/amplifier units that have an integrated IP decoder providing decoding, mixing and amplification functions within a single box/unit. This unit (IP network mixer/amp) could be specified and installed for new installations or as a replacement to an existing standard mixer/amp installation.

Abletek Customer Project Example:

Bicester Community College - IP Music IP Radio Project Example

Bicester Community College (Oxfordshire)
Project Outline:
In this example, the Bicester college are using separate stored music gendre tracks and playlists (storage can be local within an IP encoder/decoder unit or could be remote on a PC, server or even internet source). For local storage, IP audio streams are decoded for direct regular speakers and/or for input and amplification to a PA/Tannoy based speaker arrangement. For internet IP audio source, IP audio decoder units are configured to 'listen' to individual URL's (eg. a URL for an internet based radio station).