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Healthcare & NHS Audio Systems

Healthcare and NHS Audio Markets

Healthcare and NHS Audio Markets

Abletek has worked with a wide range of healthcare services and the NHS in support of new installation projects and on-going support and maintenance for over 10 years. From small GP surgeries to large newbuild hospitals, we are experienced, specialist audio and acoustic engineering contractors with extensive knowledge and experience of working within the healthcare industry market sector.

Emergency Department (ED) Communication:

Reliable and effective audio communications within hospital ED's is essential. Our audio systems provide 'readiness' and co-ordinated audio announcement services to Accident and Emergency (A&E) and wider ED department control (eg. majors, minors and paediatrics).

Healthcare and NHS Audio Applications:

Take a look at the range of typical Healthcare and NHS audio applications in more detail:

Healthcare Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy'

Most healthcare organisations use a Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy' solution to co-ordinate staff and to also inform the general public. Healthcare professionals, doctors and nurses rely on audio systems, messages and announcements in many ways to help them to provide effective and efficient communications.

Next Patient 'Call'

Next Patient Call

Healthcare professionals, doctors and nurses can employ a next patient 'call' audio system to co-ordinate and control patients between reception/waiting areas to triage, treatment and consultation rooms. Next patient call systems provide effective audio and sometimes visual alerts & information to inform and route patients to different rooms or departments.

The user function and design of these systems can be made to provide simple voice 'call' announcements (made by individual staff members) or more elaborate through integrated audio / visual systems to provide enhanced and sometimes automated next patient 'calls'.

Smoking Deterrent (No-Smoking Policy)

No Smoking Policy

Most hospitals now operate a no-smoking policy within the hospital buildings and also the hospital grounds. To help deter and to enforce policy, healthcare settings and hospitals use a combination of visual signage and painted lines on floors and walls. However, these visual deterrents are often ignored. Direct policing by busy security or healthcare staff cant often create confrontation and is not best use of their valuable time/resource.

To help staff in support of no-smoking policy, hospitals can employ an audio broadcast smoking deterrent solution. Automated, timed or broadcast on an as-needed basis, Abletek has installed pre-recorded voice announcement systems to a number of healthcare and hospital settings. These have proved a very successful addition to visual deterrents in supporting staff and local No-Smoking policies.

Healthcare & NHS Clients: (example projects)

Examples of our Healthcare and NHS Clients and Projects: (to see more, click HERE)

Healthcare and NHS Client Project Lister Hospital

(NHS Trust Hospital)

  • Traditionally Amplified, Cabled Design
  • Multi-zone to Target Audio
  • Public Address (PA), Tannoy Announcements
  • Next Patient 'Call' Audio Application
Lister Hospital (Stevenage)

Outline: Large NHS Trust hospital site required a reliable and effective audio broadcast and communications solution for use throughout their busy Emergency Department (ED) - including A&E - majors, minors, resus and paediatrics. A next 'Patient Call' audio system was also required for audio co-ordination of public and patients to triage and treatment rooms. 

Solution: A traditionally cabled, centralised system cabinet and amplifier rack was installed. The system design included a multi-zone mixer/amplifier and sub, power amplifier to provide the speaker power requirements and also to enable user selectable audio zones (to target audio announcements).

A dedicated muli-channel microphone input device was used to provide system input and powered line service (balanced line level) from a large number of desk / nurse base microphones - some installed at long distances from the main system equipment.

Healthcare and NHS Client Project Chase Farm Hospital

(NHS Trust Hospital)

  • Traditionally Amplified, Cabled Design
  • Two Zone - ED Ward Announcement System
  • Public Address (PA), Tannoy Announcements
Chase Farm Hospital (Enfield)

Outline: Following major site alterations and refurbishment, the hospital A&E / ED departments required a reliable and effective audio communications system to enable inter-ward announcements and also wider to most public areas.

Solution: Shared rack space was provided for our engineers to install the main project system equipment. A traditionally mixed, amplified and cabled system design was installed - two staff area audio zones and a single public audio zone were created / installed.

System inputs via a number of ward and nurse base microphones was installed. Staff audio zones used for inter-ward announcements, providing notification and support requests between wards and staff. Public audio zone used for any generic / informational public announcements.

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