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Healthcare & NHS

Healthcare and NHS Audio Markets

Typical Applications:

Staff and Public Address (PA) / Tannoy
Lockdown and Mass Notification
Patient Call and Communication
Emergency Department (ED)
No-Smoking Policy Support

Healthcare Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy'

Most healthcare organisations, including the NHS use a public address (PA), 'tannoy' solution to call and co-ordinate staff and to also inform the general public. 
Healthcare professionals, doctors and nurses rely on audio systems, messages and announcements in many ways to help them to provide effective and efficient communications.

Emergency Department (ED) Communication:
Accident and Emergency department control, readiness and co-ordination through an ED wide voice announcement system - majors, minors and paediatrics.

Abletek has worked with healthcare services and the NHS in support of new installation projects and ongoing support and maintenance for over 10 years. We are experienced, specialist audio and acoustic engineering contractors with extensive knowledge and experience of working within the healthcare market sector.

Next Patient 'Call'

Next Patient Call

Healthcare professionals, doctors and nurses can employ a next pateint 'call' system to co-ordinate and control patients between reception/waiting areas to triage, treatment and consultation rooms.

Next patient call systems provide effective audio and sometimes visual alerts & information to inform and route patients to different rooms or departments.
These systems can be simple voice 'call' announcements made by individual staff or elaborate integrated audio, visual systems to provide enhanced and sometimes automated next patient 'calls'.

No-Smoking Policy

No Smoking Policy

Most hospitals now operate a no-smoking policy within the hospital buildings and also the hospital grounds. To help enforce policy, hospitals use a combination of visual signage and painted lines on floors and walls. However, these are often ignored. Direct policing of the policy by busy security or healthcare staff could create confrontation and is not best use of their valuable time/resourse - for many hospitals their No-Smoking policy is tough to police and enforce.

To further support their efforts, hospitals can employ an audio broadcast solution. Automated, timed or broadcast on an as-needed basis, Abletek has installed pre-recorded voice announcement systems to a number of healthcare and hospital settings, which has been a sucessful addition to supporting local No-Smoking policies.  

Healthcare & NHS Clients: (example projects)

Some of our Healthcare and NHS clients and project examples: (more, click HERE)

Lister Hospital - Stevenage
ED, A&E PA/Tannoy
Oundle Medical Practice
Patient Call
Lister Hospital Oundle Medical Practice

Abletek has been supporting the Lister hospital with it's various audio applications needs for the last 8 years. 

The hospital has recently undergone major refurbishment and expansion - particularly to the Emergency Department (A&E). Abletek has worked with the Hospital and with the primary construction contractor to design and install new voice announcement and next pateint call systems, throughout the A&E and various ED treatment clinics.

Oundle Medical Practice is a large NHS GP Surgery in the town of Oundle, Northants.

Abletek were asked to design and install a new next patient call solution to enable doctor and nurse call of patients to specific treatment and triage rooms.

The system was designed to be accessed from the existing telephones - a button on the handsets was configured to simplify system access and operation

Chase Farm Hospital - Enfield
ED, A&E PA/Tannoy
Darlington & Durham Hospital's
PA and No-Smoking Policy
Chase Farm Hospital Darlington and Durham NHS Trust

Chase Farm Hospital is a large multi-building, hospitial site located nr. Enfield, N.London.

The trust required a voice announcement solution to provide staff calling and public announcements throughout the various Emergency Departments (A&E). We designed and installed a traditionally amplified, multi-zone public address (PA) / Tannoy system. Intra-ward announcement capability provided to minimise announcement disruption, and to allow for specific, targeted broadcasts.

The Darlington and Durham NHS Trust approached Abletek to design and install a voice announcement system to help support them with their No-Smoking policy campaign.

We installed similar systems to both hospital sites (specifically the areas to the external and main ED entranceways) to enable the staff to use telephone handsets to call, trigger and play stored audio announcements - no telephone or direct talking with the public.  



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