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Retail & Consumer

Retail Audio Markets

Typical Applications:

Public Address (PA) / Tannoy
'Lockdown' and Mass Notification
Audio Digital Signage, Advertisements
Background Music (BGM)
Security and Alarm Co-ordination

Retail Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy'

Single shop, DIY store, retail park or large shopping centre, most retail businesses employ a voice announcement based audio solution to inform, update, advise or provide information to their customers. 
Often combined with a Background Music or Radio (BGM) audio application, public address aka 'tannoy' announcements are an extremely useful retail tool for improving customer and shopper experiences.

Working direct or through some of the UK's largest project construction companies, Abletek has designed & installed traditional and IP based retail PA / Tannoy systems for over twelve years.
We are experienced, specialist audio and acoustic engineering contractors with extensive knowledge and experience of working within the retail market sector.

Retail Background Music / Radio (BGM)

Retail BGM

A Background Music or Radio solution can help to enhance the mood and ambiance of retail settings - improving customer experience, which often translates to improved visits and sales.

We offer a wide range of BGM solution applications and designs - traditional, single shop or store to networked IP audio based solution for a national retail chain. Specialist survery & design and speaker selection (acoustic profiling). Advice and support with copyright: Public Licensing - PRS (writers and publishers), PPL (artists and performers).

Retail Audio Clients: (example projects)

Some of our Retail clients and project examples: (more, click HERE)

TESCO - Banbury
Food Retail
Dobbies - Milton Keynes
Garden Centre
TESCO Dobbies
Store refurbishment and expansion. Store wide public address for 'tannoy' voice announcements to staff and public.

Large, traditionally amplified solution - full frequency range speakers to provide for highest quality voice and music / radio audio output. 
New Garden Centre. Store wide public address for 'tannoy' announcements and muti-zone design for control over targeted audio destinations and background music.

Installation of a distributed amplifier/system solution design to enable local control and to simplify cable routing, internally and externally.



Commercial Audio Applications: To find out more about retail and wider commercial audio applications applications, click HERE.

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