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Choose Abletek for your Commercial Audio Installation

As one of the UK's leading commercial audio specialists, Abletek are experienced installation contractors, we have been designing, installing and commissioning a wide range commercial audio applications and solutions for over 10 years. Our business focus, subject knowledge and contracting experience provides the basis of success, which is why customers choose Abletek to design and install their commercial audio system requirements.

 Public Address (PA) / Tannoy
 Background Music / Radio (BGM)
 Traditional and Commercial IP Audio
 'Lockdown' and Mass Notification
 Voice Alarm and EVAC
 Assistive Hearing

Our Experience:
Food factory, school, hotel, sporting venue, shopping centre or animal sanctuary, we have provided PA / 'Tannoy' installation services to just about every conceivable location and commercial setting. In business since 2001, we have a proven record of successful commercial audio design and installation, 100's of commercial audio systems throughout the UK.

IP Audio and New Media Technology:
The majority of our 'core' system designs and installations remain cable / amplifier based. However, we are fully committed to providing all that the industry has to offer, including new and emerging IP based media technologies. Since the mid 2000's, Abletek have been working closely with industry manufacturers and application developers. As a result, our experience, knowledge and technical capabilities provide us with a unique and industry leading position for the design and installation of integrated IP audio applications. We have a growing portfolio of Commercial IP Audio, IP PA, IP Tannoy and IP based audio system customer installations.

Installation Challenges:
Our engineers are experienced and qualified individuals. Working at height with specialist installation and access equipment, or working within harsh and sometimes dangerous environments We always work to understand and are sympathetic to the customer business activities and installation environment.

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