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IP Broadcast | IP Talkback

IP Broadcast IP Talkback

IP Audio Broadcast & IP Audio Talkback

IP broadcast for the purpose of mass notification or emergency communication - using generic network IP addressing and ports, or for Cisco network infrastructures integrate through singlewire Informacast (now bundled with Cisco Unified Communications Manager & Cisco Business Edition software). General IP broadcast including 'CCTV Talkback' for security and alarm applications. Simple configuration, integrated audio with IP CCTV or as an addition to standard analogue/digital CCTV applications.

Mass Notification   Muti-site   CCTV Talkback

How does IP Broadcast | IP Talkback Work?

Example IP Broadcast IP Talkback

Audio input devices (IP microphones, IP phones and stored voice / audio) provide the encoding and IP audio streams. IP audio decoder units then decode the audio streams for direct output to regular speakers or as an input to traditional audio amplification products and equipment, such as public address and tannoy.

CCTV talkback is an increasingly used IP broadcast application. Talkback announcements via IP provide a simple but effective enhancement to many CCTV service environments. Enable 3rd party monitoring station (eg. Sureview / Immix) access and integration. Perhaps integrated with an IP access and IP decoder application to provide further enhancement such as door access / entry.