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IP Intercom | IP Access

IP Intercom IP Access

IP Intercom & IP Access

Traditionally installed intercom and door access systems rely on bespoke products, dedicated cabling and often complex electrical switching arrangements. IP Intercom and IP access provides a simplified arrangement of software configured and controlled devices, with an IP switching arrangement - providing enhanced deployment and functional system capability.

IP audio   Muti-site   Software - configuration, switching, zones

How does IP Intercom and IP Access Work?

Example IP Intercom and IP Access

IP intercom stations provide voice / IP encoding and decoding functions to allow audio, voice and control signaling via IP and the network (this could be a fixed, wifi, mixed network or even a WAN / VPN between sites). Intercom stations their capability and button assigments can be configured (by browser / software) to allow for simple station call funtion or to create group or even all station announcements for important communications / messages. Some devices have integrated relay / contact switching to control external devices. As a trigger / switch, these assignments can be made to create single or multiple door access applications.

Network and IP based, design and installation of IP intercom / IP access solutions is simple, flexible and can be very cost competitive against a traditionally cabled design (assuming network point availability, there is limited / no additional cabling required). The devices power requirements are provided mostly via the supporting IP network switch (PoE), some local power may be required for door access or switching applications with power requirements greater than PoE.