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VoIP/SIP Phone Access

Do you have a VoIP telephony solution for your business telephones? If so, it is very likely to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based, somewhat today's IP telephony defacto standard.
Note: The hosting SIP VoIP telephone system is required to support generic SIP standards (eg. RFC 3261).

IP Audio Decoder / Amplifier: for direct connection of speakers (ie. create SIP Speakers).
      Which 8ohm speaker/s can I use? See our 8ohms speaker/s options.
IP Audio Decoder (non-amplifier): for integration to traditional audio - eg. mixer/amplifiers.

How it works: Loaded with SIP firmware, the audio decoder unit registers/connects to your VoIP SIP telephone server for service, typically as a SIP extension or 3rd party SIP endpoint. 
When Dialled: SIP audio decoder/amplifier unit/s will output audio directly (SIP Speaker/s). 
Decoder unit/s will output audio to a traditional amplifier input, to create a PA / 'Tannoy' broadcast.

SIP VoIP Integration
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Barix Exstreamer100
Product Overview: The Barix Exstreamer 100 is a generic, multi-application IP audio 'decoder' (non-amplifier). This unit decodes IP audio streams, in real time, outputs the ..
(ex VAT) £197.50
Barix Exstreamer200
Product Overview: Need IP Speakers? The Barix Exstreamer 200 is an IP audio 'decoder' and amplifier (integrated 2 channel x 25watt amplifier). It decodes IP audio streams, in real..
(ex VAT) £382.00
Barix ExstreamerP5
Product Overview: Need an IP Speaker? The Barix Exstreamer P5 is an IP audio 'decoder' and amplifier (integrated 5watt amplifier). It decodes IP audio streams, in real time, and output..
(ex VAT) £229.00