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Clients and Project Installations

Abletek Commercial Audio Customers

We have sucessfully installed 100's of commercial audio systems; traditional & IP audio, our customer base extends throughout the UK.
The following is a small selection of our client project installations - Factory, Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Leisure, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality and Government examples of some of our completed, on-going and contracted work and projects.

IP Audio (AoIP) | Client Projects:

Mondrian London Mondrian London  (London)
Project: Hotel / Hospitality.
Application: IP Background Music (IP BGM) / IP Public Address (IP PA / Tannoy).
Outline: Mondrian London is a large 15 storey, 359 room, riverside hotel and restaurant, based within the landmark SeaContainers building (Southbank, Blackfriers). Multiple Bose ControlSpace systems installed throughout. IP audio integration to +100 IP speakers installed thoughout the public and staff front/back of house areas. Web based audio store and bespoke GUI message app installed to provide customer via WiFi and iOS/Android integration. Abletek were selected for this project becuase of our experience and proven capability of delivering large scale IP audio design and installation.
Mondrian London
Smart Garden Products (SGP) Smart Garden Products (SGP)  (Peterborough / Cambs)
Project: Warehouse / Distribution.
Application: IP Background Music (IP BGM) / Integrated SIP/IP Public Address (IP PA / Tannoy).
Outline: New build 'Eureaka' Smart Garden Products (SGP) site in Peterborough continues the rapid expansion plans of the SGP capability and business in the UK. As a 'specialist audio contractors' Abletek were selected to design and install integrated audio/telephony applications - showcasing our new network streaming application, iRadio as well as providing SIP/IP telephony interface from announcement/tannoy broadcast and integration to building security (door access audio and CCTV talkback).
Smart Garden Products (SGP) - Peterborough
Crealy Adventure Park Crealy Adventure Park  (Devon)
Project: Theme / Adventure Resort.
Application: WiFi IP Background Music (IP BGM).
Outline: The Crealy Adventure Park required a centrally controlled, distributed background music solution throughout the park and the various rides / attractions. No ducting or cable access was available - an IP solution together with a new WiFi network was specified and installed (WiFi solution designed and specified by local systems IT Integrator company). IP Audio decoder/amplifiers were installed to provide local audio and BGM. Central and local media player (server with music playlists) provided system input for the BGM.
Crealy Adventure Park
Steelite International Steelite International  (Stoke-on-Trent)
Project: Factory / Production.
Application: Integrated IP Public Address / IP Tannoy.
Outline: Our customer required a public address solution throughout thier main production site and their warehousing and storage site (separate sites opposite side of river Trent). Traditional audio solution specified for primary system (amplifier and speakers). We installed IP audio 'encoder' units for integration with existing audio system. IP microphones installed to provide system input for voice broadcast. IP audio 'decoder' units used to create IP Speakers and also to decode IP audio to electrical audio for traditional amplification. Simple, effective integrated traditional/IP audio design solution.
Steelite International
Algram Group Algram Group  (Plymouth / Devon)
Project: Factory / Production.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy / VoIP/SIP Telephone Interface.
Outline: Our customer was running an IP centrex telephony service through a 3rd Party VoIP provider. Traditionally amplified system solution installed throughout the production and office areas. We installed a SIP IP audio decoder unit that we configured as a 3rd Party SIP endpoint, registered with the same VoIP telephony service. The SIP audio decoder unit provided the call and announcement transition point so that the customer can make public address / tannoy announces from their telephones.
Algram Group
Bicester Community College Bicester Community College  (Bicester / Oxfordshire)
Project: Local Authority / Education.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy / Telephone Interface / Stored Messages.
Outline:Our customer required a flexible audio solution that could be depolyed and regularly adjusted and altered throughout the college. A traditionally cabled design would have been very complicated and restrictive, so an IP audio solution was specified and installed. Distributed, multi-zone, IP audio Public Address, IP 'Tannoy' and IP Background Music (IP BGM) audio applications. Multi-media integration of traditional and IP speakers.
Bicester Community College


Factory and Industrial | Client Projects:

Premier Foods Premier Foods / Batchelors  (Worksop / Nottinghamshire)
Project: Factory / Industrial - Food production site.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy & Background Music (BGM).
Outline: Our customer required a Background Music/Radio Solution (BGM) throughout the main factory production buildings/areas of the site. Public Address (PA) / Tannoy announcement capability via traditional microphones was also provided to provide for incident, information, and general staff calling voice broadcasts.
British Sugar British Sugar  (Newark and Bury St. Edmunds)
Project: Factory / Industrial - Sugar Production.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy - Mass Notification.
Outline: These large, busy and noisy industrial sites presented installation and acoustic challenges. The customer required reliable site wide solutions that could stand up to the often harsh production installation environments. Used primarily for mass notification broadcasts of production failures, issues and engineering breakdowns.
UPOL Products UPOL Products  (Wellingborough / Northants)
Project: Factory / Storage - Automotive Products.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy - Multi-Zone.
Outline: The UPOL automotive products production site in Wellingborough required a reliable, multiple-zone voice broadcast solution. Our design provided for selectable zone broadcasts from microphones to target audio and help eliminate/reduce unwanted broadcasts to non-target zones/areas.
Cummins Generators Cummins Generators  (Stamford / Lincs)
Project: Factory / Production - Power Generation.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy & Voice Alarm.
Outline: The Cummins factory and production site in Stamford required a design solution that could integrate with a series of stored voice messages (Voice Alarm integration). The installed system provides site wide voice broadcasts for general PA/Tannoy announcements and zonal stored message broadcasts during fire alarm activation.  
Superior Machines Superior Machines  (Driffield / East Yorkshire)
Project: Factory / Production - Milling Machines.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy.
Outline: Staff at the Superior Machines site in Driffield were struggling to contact eachother, especially those staff within the production area. Our solution was the installation of a simple, traditional PA/Tannoy application. System access provided via a standard desktop paging microphone, providing 'on demand' voice announcements. 
Sweet 'n' Low Sweet 'n' Low  (Ely / Cambs)
Project: Factory / Production - Food Production.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy / SIP/VoIP Telephone Interface.
Outline: Our customer required an audio broadcast solution to contact staff throughout their site in Ely. Installation of a traditional audio design with a telephone interface unit to provide for system input flexibility (to make system broadcasts from telephones).
Smurfit Kappa Smurfit Kappa  (March / Cambs)
Project: Factory / Production - Packaging.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy / SIP/VoIP Telephone Interface.
Outline: The Smurfit Kappa production site in March required a site wide Public Address / Tannoy solution for making voice announcements. Challenging site, with varied ambient noise levels to consider. Installation of a SIP/VoIIP Telephone Interface unit to provide system access from VoIP/IP Phones.
Ford Ford  (Daventry / Northants)
Project: Storage / Distrobution.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy / Voice Alarm (VA).
Outline: The Ford site in Daventry is huge. The customer required extension of existing PA / Tannoy / VA audio applications to a new training building facility. Consideration to existing stored messages against improved system power capacity for additional speaker loading. System cablling to BS/EN VA standards.
Algram Group Ltd. Algram Group  (Plymouth / Devon)
Project: Factory / Production.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy / SIP/IP Telephone Interface.
Outline: Based Nr. Plymouth, our customer required a voice announcement solution throughout their production areas and offices. Installation of a traditionally amplified system with an integrated SIP/VoIP telephone interface unit to allow system access and voice broadcasts from telephones.
Rimmer Bros. Rimmer Bros  (Lincoln / Lincs)
Project: Storage / Distribution.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy / Telephone Interface / Stored Messages.
Outline: Our customer required an audio broadcast solution to provide voice announcements from telephones. Installation of a traditional analogue telephone interface unit (VoIP not available). We also installed an MP3/WAV audio storage unit together with a multi-event timer unit to control and broadcast audio files/messages. 
Shelbourne Reynolds Shelbourne Reynolds Engineering  (Bury St. Edmunds)
Project: Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer.
Application: PA / Tannoy / Telephone Interface / Shift Change Tones.
Outline: Major refurbishment of existing site, to include extension of audio services into new build production and manufacturing areas. Interface to site telephone system for voice broadcasts via telephones. Interface with site time and attendance system to provide switch access and trigger of stored shift change tones. 


Office & Retail | Client Projects:

Equitable Life Equitable Life  (Aylesbury / Bucks)
Project: Offices / Headquarters.
Application: Telephone Access, Public Address / Tannoy / Evacuation.
Outline: Our customer required an integrated telephony audio broadcast solution to provide low volume major incident and informational broadcast capability throughout the offices/site. The system was also designed and installed to create a solution for the coordination of staff and rescue services during an evacuation (strategically positioned secure microphones).
Murata Power Solutions Murata Power Solutions  (Milton Keynes / Bucks)
Project: Offices / Production Site.
Application: Telephone Access, Public Address / Tannoy.
Outline: Customer expansion into their new production and offices facility in Milton Keynes. Major refurbishment of this existing building, our customer required an integrated telephony public address / tannoy solution to enable site wide audio broadcast (standard staff calling, issues & announcements).
Leading Edge Leading Edge  (Gravesend / Kent)
Project: Offices / Print & Labels Production Site.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy.
Outline: Major printing and labels customer required standard public address (PA) / Tannoy throught the offices and production areas of the site. Installation of centralised system equipment with standard/traditional high impedance 100v line transformer speakers - some ATEX/EX speakers also installed within specific zone areas.
Wagamama Wagamama  (Rushden / Northants)
Project: Hospitality / Restaurant
Application: Background Music (BGM).
Outline: Contract installation of 100v, Bose system / speakers. Speakers colour matched to ceiling design/colour, speakers installed throughout the main restaurant providing background music from a local media store/playback device.
Tesco Tesco  (Banbury / Oxfordshire)
Project: Food / Retail Store.
Application: Background Music, Public Address / Tannoy.
Outline: Major national food retailer required a multi-zone, background music and voice audio broadcast solution for their store in Banbury. Installation of traditional, centralised system equipment - high quality, 2-way, full frequency range speakers fitted throughout.
Lloyds Banking Group Lloyds Banking Group  (Aylesbury / Bucks)
Project: Offices.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy / Mass Notification.
Outline: Installation of a major incident voice announcement system solution to be used in support of other communication practices used during serious issues and events (leading to 'lock down' situations).


Sports & Leisure | Client Projects:

TVKC / PFI Karting TVKC / PFI Karting  (Brandon / Notts)
Project: Largest UK Professional Karting Track/Club.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy / Mass Notification.
- The UK's largest professional karting site; Paddock Sites & Commentary Systems.
- Wide frequency, external grade speakers.
- High power/demand loading, integrated mixer, amplifier rack.
HKRC Karting HKRC Karting  (Huntingdon / Cambs)
Project: UK Professional Karting Track/Club.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy / Mass Notification.
- Large, UK professional karting site; Paddock, Commentary & Diver Briefing Systems.
- Traditional external grade system, pole mounted speakers.
- High demand / power system, mixer and amplifier rack.
DC Leisure DC Leisure  (Battersea / London)
Project: Large Community Sports & Leisure Centre.
Application: Public Address / Tannoy / Mass Notification.
- New system design & installation.
- Entire site: sports halls, swimming pool, gym, cafe, creche.
- Multi-zone, staff and public address zones.
Spalding Indoor Bowls Club (IBC) National Indoor Bowls Club  (Spalding / Lins)
Project: UK Professional Indoor Bowling Club.
Application: Public Address / Background Music.
- New system design & installation.
- Club site: bar, cafe, hospitality area, bowling green/surface areas.
- Background music (BGM) and radio microphones for pre-match announcements, team and player introductions.


Logistics & Warehousing | Client Projects:

Wren Kitchens Wren Kitchens  (Scunthorpe / Lincs)
Project: Production, Warehousing and Distribution.
Application: Background Music/Radio (BGM), Public Address / Tannoy.
- UK's largest retail manufacturer and kitchen supplier, 60+ showrooms.
- Background Music, DAB/FM Radio & PA / Tannoy throughout production and warehouse areas.
- Interconnection of IP distributed radio and advertisement to production, warehousing and showrooms.
- Class D Power amplifiers for improved power efficiency (>90%).
Kent County Supplies Kent County Supplies  (Aylesford / Kent)
Project: Warehousing and Distribution - Local Authority.
Application: Background Music/Radio (BGM), Public Address / Tannoy.
- Local Authority Distribution Centre (school supplies).
- Background Music, DAB/FM Radio & PA / Tannoy throughout warehouse areas.
- High specification, wide frequency range speakers.
Life Plue Europe Life Plus Europe  (Bedford / Beds)
Project: Warehousing and Distribution.
Application: Background Music/Radio (BGM), Public Address / Tannoy.
- Large Sorting, Picking & Distribution Site.
- Background Music, DAB/FM Radio & PA / Tannoy throughout sorting/picking/warehousing areas.
- High specification, wide frequency range speakers.
Lidl RDC Lidl Gravesend (RDC)  (Gravesend / Kent)
Project: Warehousing and Distribution.
Application: Large, Multi-zone, Public Address / Tannoy.
- Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) Site.
- Public Address / Tannoy throughout entire site.
- Heavy speaker loading, large rack build, amplifier stack.


Military & Rescue | Client Projects:

Norwich International Airport
Norwich International Airport (Norfolk)
- Airport Fire Station / Buildings.
- Incident Alarm and Voice Control.
Norwich International Airport - Fire Service
RAF Coningsby
RAF Coningsby (Lincolnshire)
- Do sites and systems get any bigger?
- Large mixed environment Tannoy System.
- Distributed amplifier solution, literally 1000's of speakers.
RAF Conningsby
RAF Wyton
RAF Wyton (Cambridgeshire)
- Audio alert systems
- Hangar & office buildings
RAF Wyton
MAGPAS (Huntindon / Cambridgeshire)
- Audio alarm and response system
- Used for audio broadcast of new emergency 'shouts'
RAF Lakenheath
RAF Lakenheath (Brandon / Suffolk)
- Public Address / Tannoy voice broadcast system
- Staff Call application within large rapid response building
- Multi-input, traditional microphones and telephone interface


Healthcare & NHS | Client Projects:

Lister NHS Trust
Lister Hospital (Stevenage / Herts), ED / A&E
- Multi-zone, multi-input system throughout the primary emergency departments.
- System used to inform, locate and co-ordinate medical staff and doctors.
- Careful & considered installation, access, public sensitivity and awareness.
Lister Hospital
Royal Free NHS Trust
Chase Farm Hospital (Enfield / N.London), ED / A&E
- Multi-zone, multi-input system throughout the primary emergency departments.
- System used for patient and staff co-ordination.
- Considered public/medical installation, multi-ward zone control.
Chase Farm Hospital
Lister NHS Trust
Lister Hospital (Stevenage / Herts), New Build
- New build project - extension of emergency department servcies.
- ED covering: RESUS, Fractures, Majors, Minors, Paediatrics.
New A&E Building
Oundle Medical Practice
Oundle Medical Practice (Cambridgeshire)
- Integrated public address and telephone access.
- Medial staff and doctors calling.
Oundle Medical Practice


Schools & Education | Client Projects:

Bicester College
Bicester Community College (Oxfordshire)
- Integrated IP Music / IP Audio system installation.
- Muti-media integration of IP and traditionally amplified speakers
Bicester College
Sutton St James Community School
Sutton St. James, Community School nr. Peterborough (Cambridgeshire)
- Integrated system installation, site wide coverage.
- Wired and wireless system, classrooms, sports, halls, offices and some external.
Sutton St James Community School


Religious Houses of Worship | Client Projects:


S-S-E ChurchSutton St. Edmund, rural Lincolnshire Church.
Simple sound reinforcement system with additional mixing and music enhancement, for basic live musical performance. As expected, cable routing and cavernous access / heights created main challenge. Voice and music PA system.

Miscellaneous | Example Projects:

The Ark Animal RescueGrimsby (lincolnshire) animal rescue and retirement home.
Two independent background music based systems covering animal enclosures / kennel areas. Animal welfare and improved behaviour through background music.