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Public Address | 'Tannoy'

Industrial, commercial, retail, factories, local authorities, education, public buildings & public spaces.... the list goes on.....
......many employ voice announcement services through Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy' and Background Music (BGM) systems.

Traditional Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy'

Traditional Public Address (PA) or 'Tannoy' systems, leverage the concept and design of providing announcement systems that have stood the test of time. Whilst many of these systems have grown in capability, the basic design has changed little over the years. The three main components: input devices (typically microphones), amplifier & output devices (speakers) remain at the heart of all traditional PA and 'Tannoy' systems.

Many of our customers require 'solid' purposeful and dedicated products that provide solutions for their voice announcements and other audio based public address (eg. background music/BGM, time clock tones, voice alarm / evacuation). Today's demand is changing however. Traditional PA and Tannoy systems are becoming much more complex and integrated.

For many customers, a traditional PA, Tannoy or BGM application design meets their demand - for some, newer IP based technologies provide meaningful benefit and improved application capabilities (IP PA and IP 'Tannoy').

Traditional Public Address (PA), Tannoy and BGM System

IP Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy'

Leveraging Internet Protocol (IP) based network infrastructures (wired and wifi), we are no longer constrained to traditionally dedicated and fixed wiring design toplogies. As a result, we can design and build integrated IP PA, IP Tannoy applications that can provide improved functional capabilities as well as installation and depolyment felixibility.

IP Public Address (IP PA) and IP Tannoy

Mixed Media / Integrated Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy'

We can consider (increasingly often) combining a traditionally amplified and wired design with an IP based design (we are not limited to one design type or the other). 'IP enablling' an existing installation or creating a new mixed media or 'integrated' design solution can often provide balance to the design function and capability of the solution (as well as helping to constrain cost/budget).

Integrated Public Address and IP Tannoy