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IP Audio

Commercial IP Audio

IP Audio technology and products - WiFi, LAN, WAN, VPN, Internet.....
New system design or integration with existing audio installations.

Streaming IP audio - Fast, Flexible, Simple.
Create new, innovative IP audio applications.
Integration: create integrated traditional and IP audio solutions.
Commercial IP Audio

IP Audio 'Building Blocks':

IP Audio En-coders: Provide control and conversion of traditional electrical audio to IP audio.
IP Audio De-coders: Provide control and conversion of IP audio to traditional electrical audio.
IP Audio En-coder / De-coders: Combine control and conversion of both IP audio and traditional audio.
IP Loud Speakers: Special integrated decoder/amplifier units to create your IP Speaker of choice.
IP Microphones / Consoles: Voice announcements and product control (eg. door release).
VoIP / SIP Integration: SIP decoders. SIP Speakers, or integrated SIP access (existing PA systems).
IP Music / Radio: Create new or integrated (existing PA systems) streaming music/radio (IP BGM) solutions.

IP Audio Applications Overview:

Commercial IP Audio

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