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IP Speakers

How do IP Speakers work? IP Speakers convert IP audio (decode) into traditional electrical audio signals and then boost (amplify) the signal to produce sound. In this sense, IP Speakers are: IP audio decoder/amplifiers, combined with a traditional speaker cone (the speaker/cone that produces the audio is the same for both tradtional or IP Speakers).
IP Audio Decoder / Amplifiers: Combining the decoding/amplification and speaker components within a single product formfactor is possible. However, this market is comparatively expensive, offering very limited availability and choice. So, when considering IP Speakers, we believe the best approach is a solution that separates the decoding/amplification function from the speakers themselves. This creates a cost effective solution, affording much improved speaker choice and flexibility (connect to ANY 8ohm speaker on the market).
Abletek IP Speaker design solution: We offer two special IP Audio Decoder / Amplifier unit options. These small, discrete units will connect to ANY 8ohm speaker/s, creating a cost effective and flexible solution to create IP speakers of your choice.
   Generic IP Speakers or SIP Speakers: Generic IP or SIP speakers for VoIP telephony environments.
   Which Speaker/s can I use? See our 8ohms speaker/s options.

IP Speakers
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Barix Exstreamer200
Product Overview: Need IP Speakers? The Barix Exstreamer 200 is an IP audio 'decoder' and amplifier (integrated 2 channel x 25watt amplifier). It decodes IP audio streams, in real..
(ex VAT) £382.00
Barix ExstreamerP5
Product Overview: Need an IP Speaker? The Barix Exstreamer P5 is an IP audio 'decoder' and amplifier (integrated 5watt amplifier). It decodes IP audio streams, in real time, and output..
(ex VAT) £229.00