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Voice Alarm(VA) Speakers

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ACSPFD6-54 - Ceiling Speaker
Product Overview: The ACSPFD6-54 is a high quality, 100v 6 watt ceiling loudspeaker, with integrated fire dome. Manufactured by Penton (RCS6FT/EN), this speaker has been designed..
(ex VAT) £45.85
AWBSP6-54 - Wall Speaker
Product Overview: The AWBSP6-54 is an EN54-24 compliant version of the standard AWBSP6 loud speaker. This speaker is cost effective high quality, 100v 6 watt wall l..
(ex VAT) £39.90
PSP10W-54 - Projection Speaker
Product Overview: The PSP10W-54 is an EN54-24 compliant version of the standard PSP10W loudspeaker. This speaker is cost effective high quality, 100v 10 watt projection louds..
(ex VAT) £68.90
AHS20W-54 - Horn Speaker
Product Overview: The AHS20W-54 is an EN54-24 compliant 'horn' style loudspeaker. This speaker is cost effective high quality, 100v 20 watt projection loudspeaker, which can be used in Voic..
(ex VAT) £66.55