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Abletek FAQ's

We put together the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) to help answer some of the more regular questions we receive from our customers. You can also read more About Abletek by clicking the link.

Abletek Business Outline
Products and Sales
Installation Services
Technology and IP Audio
Our Customers


Abletek Business Outline

Business Overview: Abletek began business in 2001 as general electrical installation contractors. In 2007, through a series of large commercial audio contracts, we decided to narrow our services, to focus on Commercial Audio / Public Address (PA) / 'Tannoy' and Background Music (BGM), design and installation. In 2013, we opened our product sales, selling a wide range of commercial audio products.

What does Abletek do? We do commercial audio. Put simply, we design, install and sell commercial audio products and application solutions. We are a team of specialists with a wide and experienced knowledgebase of traditional and IP commercial audio.

Is Abletek an independent business? Yes, Abletek is independent from any other business, company and product manufacturer.

Products and Sales

Products and Sales Overview: We have been offering direct product sales since 2013. Products are available to purchase via enquiry from the Abletek website or by contacting us for a quote and proforma invoice.

Why should I buy from Abletek? The products we offer for sale are those we use and install ourselves. With experience and advice, our products offer a cost effective balance of quality and performance.

Do you sell to the public? We sell to both trade and to the public.

Do you offer discounts? Yes, for large or multiple item orders - please contact us with your requirements.

Where can I find your Terms and Conditions of Sale? Click to find our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Do you offer finance? We are unable to offer finance against our product sales. All goods and products must be paid for fully before they are sent.

Installation Services

Installation Services Overview: We are experienced installation contractors (since 2001). We cover small single speaker installations through to large multi-site installations with 1000's of speakers. Our installations are fully designed, installed and commissioned by Abletek.

Why should I choose Abletek to install my project? Because our business is solely commercial audio - we have huge industry knowledge and experience with a large customer installation base, covering the whole of the UK. Our knowledge and expertise of both the traditional and IP (AoIP) audio markets and technologies ensures a balanced approach to solution design for our customers. 

Can you give some customer project and installation examples? Yes, here are some of our projects and project installations.

Do you offer free quotations? Yes, our project proposals and quotations are free of charge.

Do you offer maintenance contracts? All of our standard installations are covered (parts and labour) for 12 months. Additional contracted maintenance is available on request.

Audio over IP (AoIP) IP Audio

Technology and IP Audio Overview: We are industry leaders in new media, IP commercial audio. Our first AoIP audio project was back in 2005 - we are seeing an increasing number of IP based sales, most of our new project installations consider and/or adopt some element of IP audio.

Why should I choose IP audio over traditional audio? There are many reasons to consider IP audio. IP can be a simple 'plug and play' application installation. A particularly powerful proposition for IP audio are design solutions that integrate both IP and traditional audio technologies (it doesnt have to be one technology or the other).

Can you give some customer project and installation examples? Yes, here are some of our projects and project installations.

Can IP audio work with traditional and existing installations? Yes, integrated IP audio and traditional audio products and installations is possible, and offers a particularly powerful proposition.

Is there still a place for traditional commercial audio products? Absolutely. Traditionally amplified solutions offer many years of development and installation longevity. For standard, basic PA, Tannoy and BGM applications, traditional audio remains more cost effective on a speaker number basis that over IP commercial audio.

Our Customers

Our Sales Customers: We offer product sales to both public and trade.

Our Installation Customers: Our installation customers are very varied. Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Government.... everywhere.

Can you give some customer project and installation examples? Yes, here are some of our recent projects and project installations.