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IP Background Music (IP BGM)

IP Music IP Radio

IP Background Music & IP Radio (IP BGM)

Background Music and Radio (BGM) is used widely throughout many commercial settings (from retail and hospitality to sporting venues and factory production).

How does IP BGM, Streaming IP Music & IP Radio work?

Audio clips, music tracks and playlists (typically MP3 or WAV audio format) are stored on a dedicated, network connected IP BGM Audio Player device or LAN based PC / Server. User access for BGM system management and configuration of music tracks and playlists is provided via standard browser based User Interface (UI). This capability also provides enhanced user funcation and control - for example, 'drag n drop' track uploads, playlists can be created and altered remotely enablling simple large/multi-site BGM management. 

An IP Audio Player device can be used to directly feed a mixer / pre-amp or amplifier - this output can then be coupled directly to standard 8ohm speakers (using a decoder unit with integrated amplifier) or as an input to any standard 100v BGM / PA / Tannoy audio equipment for speaker amplificiation and output.

Example IP Music IP Radio

'Streaming' IP BGM and IP Radio - sees the IP Audio Player encode/decode audio for audio transport and broadcast via the LAN, WAN, VPN and Internet. For example, an IP Audio Player encodes BGM for broadcast into the LAN, IP decoders (such as IP speakers) convert the IP audio back to regular audio BGM for local audio playback.

BGM Playback Options & Scheduling

Scheduling BGM Playback

Audio tracks (BGM - music & playlists, audio clips and announcements) are stored on the audio player. Universal browser GUI access is available for manual selection and control of playback. Automated playback of all audio is also available through simple scheduling application:


IP Background Music (IP BGM): Example Client Projects

IP PA IP Tannoy Client Project FROSTS

(Garden Centre and Hospitality)

  • Integrated IP BGM Audio Player
  • Traditional Amplified Speaker Distribution
  • Background Music and Announcement Playback
  • Scheduled Playback of BGM and Announcements
Frosts Garden Centre (Woburn Sands)

Outline: Large garden centre site including retail, cafe, restaurant and external/gardens. As part of brand and marketing improvements, our customer required a Background Music (BGM) system throughout all areas of the site. In addition, stored announcements are used to provide customer information and marketing / advertisements.

Solution: An IP BGM Audio Player sits at the centre of this project design. A multi-channel pre-amplifier and series of separate power amplifiers are then used for traditional audio power and distribution to loudspeakers. Royalty free music (no broadcast licencing is required) was used for this project - the customer purchased commercial rights for playback of music tracks and albums. The IP Audio Player Scheduler application is used to schedule playback throughout each day for BGM, stored audio clips and announcements playback.

IP PA IP Tannoy Client Project THE MONDRIAN

(Central London Hotel)

  • IP BGM / Bose Control Space Integration
  • 100+ IP Speakers (bespoke design/colour)
  • Web monitoring & System Administration
  • IP Audio Message Playback
Mondrian Hotel (London)

Outline: Situated on London's south bank, this prestigious 5 star, 15 floor hotel in central London required a IP Background Music (IP BGM) solution to integrate with a Bose Control Space base audio design. Streaming music from mutiple music player sources was configured for user control throughout the various areas of the hotel (reception, restaurants, bars, function rooms and bedroom wings / corridors).

Solution: IP audio was chosen to mitigate impact and disruption to hotel guests and to the structure/fabric of the building. Large existing availability of powered network switch ports provided the basis for a relatively simple roll-out. In addition, the customer required numerous pre-recorded message announcements for use during major event or emergency situations. Working with the customer we created a series of audio message files which we installed onto an IP audio message player. Customer / user access for trigger and playback of these messages was made possible through standard secure browser interface (IE, Chrome and even smart phone browsers).

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