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IP CCTV Audio | Talkback

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IP CCTV and Security Systems | Talkback

IP networks provide a common and standards based platform for the flexible and scalable deployment of IP CCTV and related IP security systems. Multi-media streaming (audio and video) direct from cameras to system recorder/s (Network Video Recorder / NVR's) enables effective and relatively simple design options for IP CCTV and IP Security installations. CCTV 'Talkback' describes the ability for local or remote CCTV / security operatives to communicate (talk back) to speaker points (often co-located with IP cameras). Talkback is generally used to instruct and warn people (eg. door is open please proceed or that a person is not welcome and should leave immediately).

How does IP CCTV and IP Security Talkback work?

IP CCTV and Security Talkback

An IP Network Video Recorder (NVR) is used to capture and record video streams from IP cameras. IP Camera's often include movement detection so that a moving object (eg. vehicle or person) can be picked up and tracked. Should such activities be deemed suspicious, staff and / or monitoring centre operatives can 'talkback' through speakers at the location to provide a challenge or warning. 

As shown, talkback audio may originate from a number of different sources:

CCTV and Security talkback audio is often designed to provide simple site (single audio zone) talkback. In this case, talkback audio is output through all site speakers. For large and multiple-building sites, a more detailed arrangement for targeting audio to specific cameras or groups of cameras is possible (multiple audio zones).  


IP CCTV and Security Talkback: Example Client Project

IP CCTV Talkback Client Project SMART GARDEN

(Garden Products | Warehouse Distribution)

  • Integrated IP Audio Player
  • Traditional Amplified Speaker Distribution
  • Single Audio Zone
  • 3rd Party Monitoring and Talkback (15 speaker points)
Smart Garden Products (Peterborough)

Outline: New build, large warehouse and distribution site based in Peterborough. Our customer required CCTV talkback capability to enhance their security plans and policy. Local and remote talkback capability was specified to provide output and service through a series of external loudspeakers.

Solution: Multiple audio inputs were requested / specified. An IP Audio Player was installed to provide network trigger and playback of recorded audio message files.

The CCTV NVR 'audio out' provided a simple means for remote, 3rd party talkback - audio was processed and amplified through standard commercial mixer/amplifier and through 100v lines to a single audio zone.

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