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IP Intercom | IP Access

IP Intercom IP Access

IP Intercom & IP Access

Traditionally installed intercom and door access systems rely on bespoke products, dedicated cabling and often complex electrical switching arrangements. IP Intercom and IP access technology and supporting products provide a simplified arrangement of software configured and managed devices, within an IP switching arrangement - providing enhanced deployment and improved functional system capability.

  • Simple installation and deployment
  • SIP / IP Telephony Integration
  • Browser / Software based admin and management
  • No distance limitations (large sites, multi-site)
  • Integrated I/O for relay switching (eg. to open door, switch on lights)
  • Multi-media capability (audio & video) 

How does IP Intercom and IP Access Work?

IP intercom Call Station devices provide voice / IP encoding and decoding functions to allow audio, voice and control signaling via IP and the network (this could be a fixed LAN, WifF or even a WAN / VPN between sites). Intercom stations their capability and button assigments can be configured (by browser / software) to allow for simple station call funtion or to create group or even all station announcements for important communications / messages. Some devices have integrated relay / contact switching to control external devices. As a trigger / switch, these assignments can be made to create simple door access and security system applications.

To enable integration with IP telephony systems, many IP intercom designs and installations will be configured using something called 'Session Initiation Protocol' or SIP. IP intercom devices and stations will register with the IP telephone system (just like standard SIP/IP phones) and use SIP as a basis of IP establishment (session) for audio and video streaming from/to the various intercom station devices. Configured and integrated in this way, SIP/IP phones can be used as intercom phone stations - able to make/recieve media (audio/video) to/from dedicated call station devices (for example the 'call' button on a security gate IP intercom station device could be configured to ring a SIP/IP phone in a security office).

IP intercom Call Master devices work with call stations and SIP stations providing control and I/O (input / output) functions such as door release or to switch on lights. Call master software and apps can also be run on smartphones to provide similar communication and control functions. IP intercom call master devices are typically fewer in number than call stations within any single design, often installed to reception / security desk locations.

IP Intercom System and Access Control

IP Intercom / Call Masters and Apps

IP Intercom Call Masters

IP Intercom call masters can be used in a variety of intercom designs. Network connected by the LAN, WiFi and mobile, they enable user function and control ranging from simple intercom discussion to remote monitoring and access control security.

  • Web interface / GUI for configuration and management
  • IOS and Android apps
  • SIP / IP Telephony integration
  • Integrate with home automation
  • Scalable commercial solution
  • Modern stylish wall call master units
  • Audio and muti-media streaming (audio and video) 

IP Intercom | IP Access: Example Client Project

IP Intercom | IP Access Project Lidl

(RDC Warehouse / Logistics)

  • Driver IP Intercom System
  • SIP based with IP Telephony
  • Barrier release from transport office
  • Call group / hunt arrangement
Lidl RDC (Gravesend)

Outline: Large warehouse and logistics site (Regional Distribution Centre / RDC). Required intercom system for driver to transport office communications and barrier release / operation. 

Solution: An IP Intercom system was selected / installed to provide simple interface with existing SIP based site telephony. Weather-proof intercom IP call stations were installed to external post locations.

Audio only interface to master call station within the transport office. SIP hunt/routing also configured to allow for intercom calls to be distributed should the main master intercom station be unattended. 

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