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Public Address | 'Tannoy'

Industrial, offices, retail, factories, local authorities, sports venues, education, public buildings & public spaces.... the list goes on.....
Many commercial settings use audio broadcast systems through Public Address (PA) and 'Tannoy' applications in providing information, advice, instruction or even advertisements.

Traditional Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy'

Traditional Public Address (PA) or 'Tannoy' systems, leverage system components and speakers interconnected through a dedicated cabling infrastructure. Creating a robust design solution, traditional PA and Tannoy systems have stood the test of time. Whilst many of these systems have grown in capability, their system and speaker components and basic design has changed little over the years. The three main design components are:

Developed over decades, with a huge range and availability of quality manufacturer products and devices, traditional PA and Tannoy systems remain a cost effective and popular choice for many of our customers. However, there are design, integration and technical limitations to traditional PA / Tannoy systems. As an interactive media, we now see audio used and embedded within a wide range of consumer devices, web sites, cloud & streaming services and also wider commercial applications. Audio over IP (AoIP) technologies, devices and applications continue from the limitations of traditional PA / Tannoy systems, providing improved audio and system interconnectivity, integration with other media/devices and also network configuration, control and monitoring of system components and loudspeakers.

Traditional Public Address (PA), Tannoy and BGM System

IP Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy'

Leveraging Internet Protocol (IP) based network infrastructures (internet, VPN's, wired LAN's, bluetooth and wifi), we are no longer constrained to traditionally dedicated and fixed wiring design toplogies. As a result, we can design and build integrated IP PA, IP Tannoy systems and audio applications that can provide improved functional capabilities as well as installation and depolyment felixibility.

IP Public Address (IP PA) and IP Tannoy

Mixed Media / Integrated Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy'

We can consider (increasingly often) combining a traditionally amplified and wired design with an IP based design (we are not limited to one design type or the other). This could be to protect existing investment by 'IP enabling' an existing PA / Tannoy system installation. For new PA / Tannoy installation projects, we can also look to utilise a mixed media or 'integrated' design solution, which can often provide a balance of both design function and capability, as well as helping to constrain overall cost/budget.

The following drawing shows a typical example of how we often look to make use of both traditional and IP audio technologies:

This simplified example shows how we can integrate and interconnect PA / Tannoy system designs via an IP network. This could be between sites and geographic locations as shown, but could also be between buildings or perhaps between various comms/switch rooms within a large building / site.  

Integrated Public Address and IP Tannoy

Public Address (PA) / Tannoy: Example Client Projects

The following are client project examples using Public Address (PA) and Tannoy Systems.

PA / Tannoy System Client Project SMART GARDEN - Peterborough
(Multi-site Logistics)
  • Multi-zone PA / Tannoy System Design
  • Microphone and SIP Telephony Audio Input
  • Integrated IP Internet Radio (BGM)
  • CCTV Talkback for Security Announcements
PA / Tannoy System Client Project VBites - Newcastle
(Food Production, Factory)
  • Traditional Audio, Single Zone
  • Microphone for System Audio Input
  • Integrated Timeer and Message Playback
  • Scheduled Break / Lunch Tones

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