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Installation Process

Abletek | Audio Installation Process

No two audio system installation projects are the same. They differ in their setting / location, scale, audio applications and supporting audio technology. However, most projects will follow the same installation process stages - described as follows:

Abletek Audio Installation and Quotation Process

01 | Customer Enquiry:

New customer installation project enquiries can be made by email, phone, web form and social media. Follow up contact is made with the customer to discuss requirements, provide advice and suggestions to better understand the wider scope of the project.

02 | Define Project Scope:

Information and details obtained through the initial enquiry process is used to create the project scope. For large or more complex projects, we may need to engage further with the customer to better understand supporting details, issues and challenges. This stage of the installation process is likely to require our visit to site, to meet with the customer and to carry out a survey of the proposed installation / coverage location/s.

03 | Design and Quotation:

Once the project scope has been defined, a system design is created. A number of different factors will provide direction and influence to our system design proposal for the project:

04 | Installation:

To minimise impact and distruption to the setting / work activities, we work with the customer to identify working schedules / dates to carry out  our installation works. This may include a mix of normal working hours and working at weekends or evenings. The project is likely to include at least one 'rack' which holds the main system equipment. The rack/s are generally pre-built and tested at Abletek to the project and customer specification before being installed on site. Following installation, the system/s are fully tested for operational function and performance during the testing and commissioning process.

05 | Handover:

Once the system has been installed and commissioned, it is formally handed over to the customer. This process may include some functional / operational training with the customer. Large or more complex installations may also require inter-operability with 3rd party equipment, requiring a co-ordination or staged handover process.

06 | Support:

Standard post project installation support is provided - ensuring our customer expectations are met and exceeded. All new installations include a standard 12 months warranty period (all elements of the project are covered), longer warranty periods can be discussed and provided. We also offer maintenance plans and service contracts to ensure smooth running and operational capability - important for audio systems relied upon for their function (eg. Voice Alarm or Security setting / application).

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