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Factory Tannoy & Industrial Audio Systems

Factory and Industrial Audio Markets

Factory Tannoy & Industrial Audio Markets

Factory and industrial audio markets are a particular focus for Abletek (see our client project list). We have extensive knowledge and experience of these audio markets and the specific challenges they often present. For over 12 years, we have successfully designed and installed both traditional and AoIP based audio systems into factories, production areas and industrial settings. As specialist audio installation contractors, we have a wide appreciation, knowledge and experience of working within factory, production and industrial environments. We understand, appreciate and strictly adhere to industry quality and safe working practices. Our staff and engineers are trained and experienced individuals, providing a qualified and respectful understanding to local customer directives and policy, eg. protective equipment and clothing, working at height, hot working, ATEX/EX, sanitised / clean / high-care, low-care / hygiene.

Factory and Industrial Audio Applications:

Take a look at the range of typical factory and industrial audio applications in more detail:

Factory Tannoy and Public Address (PA)

Factory 'tannoy' systems and public address (PA) applications provide important and effective communications within most factory, production and industrial settings. Tannoy audio broadcasts (live voice announcements and playback of pre-recorded voice scripts) provide a means to instantly communicate instructions or information to the staff and workforce. Often, this may be to simply to tannoy and locate a member of staff or more importantly to detail and communicate a specific issue or event (eg. request for first aid response or notification of fire alarm testing).

Factory Background Music / Radio (BGM)

Productivity improvement, workforce satisfaction, we are commonly asked to provide background music and/or radio (BGM) within factory production and industrial settings. Centralised selection of source audio and volume levels provides control of noise levels and adherence of specific health and safety policy. Specialist survey & design and speaker selection (acoustic profiling). Advice and support with copyright and public licensing - PRS (writers and publishers), PPL (artists and performers).

NEW for 2018: TheMusicLicence - simplified combination licensing.

Royalty Free BGM / Music

The Music Licence

With an increasing range and availability of 'Royalty Free' music, tracks and playlists, some factories and industrial businesses are using this form of BGM as an alternative to or alongside 'Royalty Paid' music. Royalty free music does not include radio and live broadcasting, and is unlikely to include latest tracks and songs from the music charts, but is more widely available across music genre with less lyrics and with acoustic / 'music' central to the track or song composition.

For some factory and industrial businesses, using royalty free music as a basis for their BGM may not be an option (those looking to base their BGM on radio or royalty paid, latest chart tracks and songs). However, for others, royalty free music is a viable alternative to traditional royalty paid music. Best of all, royalty free music is generally free from broadcast licencing and associated licencing costs (note: in all cases we advise customer contact with the PPL/PRS to confirm this position).

Factory Break & Shift Change - Tones / Bells

Time and attendance integration or simple timer control of pre-recorded audio message files - tones, bells or announcement (in fact any recorded wav/mp3 audio). Connected to and through the main system mixer/amplifier to enable timed control of break / shift change audio notification to the workforce.

Factory Tannoy & Industrial Clients: (example projects)

Examples of our Factory, Industrial Clients and Projects: (to see more, click HERE)

Factory and Industrial Client Project BRITISH SUGAR

(Sugar Production Factory)

  • Traditionally Amplified, Cabled Design
  • Large Power Capacity, 200+ Speakers
  • Multi-zone to Target Audio
  • IP Ingress and ATEX / EX Challenges
British Sugar (Newark)

Outline: Large factory / industrial site with a mix of offices and factory production settings. Extremely harsh and challenging loud speaker installation environment. Most (if not all) factory speakers IP66 and/or ATEX/EX rated to meet protection to ingress / explosion risk (from sugar dust).

Solution: The public address (PA) / tannoy system at this site has a large central system cabinet and amplifier rack with a small distribution of local building amplifiers (serving local/smaller buildings). Connectivity is via traditional cabling, often in Fire Protected (FP) cable. System inputs (voice announcements) is via standard paging microphones strategically located in offices and 'quiet' areas of the factory to minimise audio feedback and improve audio quality.

The factory and production areas of this site are particularly challenging for speaker installation and maintenance. Speaker types and designs (IP66 and/or ATEX/EX) have been selected and installed to best meet these challenges.

Factory and Industrial Client Project Premier Foods

(Food Production)

  • Traditionally Amplified, Cabled Design
  • Background Music, BGM and PA / Tannoy
  • Multi-zone to Target Audio
  • Competitive Ambient Noise Challenges
Premier Foods (Worksop)

Outline: As one of the UK's largest food manufacturer's, this Premier Foods factory production site required a background music solution (BGM) within their very noisy factory production areas. Following extensive survey works, we designed and installed a multi-unit power amplifier (class D) rack with large capacity overhead to ensure low running temperatures and system longevity.

Solution: High density installation of full frequency range, music quality loudspeakers. This project provided our customer with centralised management and control, which enabled the 'retirement' of a large number of separate local sound systems being used by the various local site / departments.

The factory and production areas of this site were particularly challenging for speaker installation and maintenance. Speaker types and designs (IP66 for ingress protection from water and wash-down) were selected and installed to best meet these challenges.


(Bury St. Edmunds)

  • Traditional, Amplified, Cabled Design
  • Single Zone Public Address / Tannoy
  • Telephone Interface for Announcements
  • Shift Change Tones / Playback
Shelbourne Reynolds (Bury St. Edmunds)

Outline: Large factory site producing agricultural / farm machinery. Our customer required dependable voice announcement communications throughout the site and different production and warehouse buildings. Interface to the site workforce time and attendance system to playback shift tones was also required.

Solution: Audio power requirements and limitations to network availability, a traditionally amplified and cabled was specified and installed. A simple 'all calls', single audio zone was created. User access and audio broadcasts provided by installing a telephone interface (connected to site telephone system).

Interface via a relay output was taken from the existing site time and attendance system to provide trigger of pre-recorded audio tone files for playback indicating staff shift changes.

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