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Hotels & Hospitality Audio Systems

Hotels and Hospitality Audio Markets

Hotels and Hospitality Audio Markets

Most Commercial Hotels and Hospitality settings and venues regularly employ a range of audio applications. Top of the list would be Background Music (BGM) to create mood and atmosphere, closely followed by Public Address (PA) / Tannoy to provide communication between staff and announcement / information to guests and those attending the venue.

Many Hotels and Hospitality settings also use audio to provide regular and directed information to their customers as well as playback of audio message files for advertisements.

Hotels and Hospitality Audio Applications:

Take a look at the range of typical hotel and hospitality audio applications in more detail:

Hotels and Hospitality Background Music (BGM)

Hotels and Hospitality BGM

Background Music or Radio (BGM) solutions are synonymous within hotels and hospitality settings. BGM helps to enhance the mood and ambiance of the installation setting: eg. reception area, bar, restaurant or club. The hotels and hospitality market demands clear audibility, high quality audio with flexibility of targetted audio via Public Address (PA) and Background Music (BGM) zones. Licenced or royalty free music, we can offer a wide range of BGM solution applications and designs. Traditional audio or integrated/networked IP audio based solution design (inc WiFi) to provide improved service and location / audio zone flexibility (different music and volume levels in different areas). We also offer specialist survey design and speaker selection (acoustic profiling).

BGM Licencing: We provide free advice and support for music playback and broadcast Licensing - PRS (writers and publishers), PPL (artists and performers).

Royalty Free BGM / Music

The Music Licence

With an increasing range and availability of 'Royalty Free' music, tracks and playlists, many hotels and hospitality businesses are using this form of BGM as an alternative to or alongside 'Royalty Paid' music. Royalty free music is unlikely to include radio, latest tracks and songs from the music charts, but is more widely available across music genre with less lyrics and with acoustic / 'music' central to the track or song composition.

For some hotels and hospitality businesses, using royalty free music as a basis for their BGM may not be an option (those looking to base their BGM on radio, royalty paid latest chart tracks and songs). However, for others, royalty free music is a viable alternative to traditional royalty paid music. Best of all, royalty free music is generally free from broadcast licencing and associated licencing costs (note: in all cases we advise customer contact with the PPL/PRS to confirm this position).

Hotels and Hospitality Tannoy and Public Address (PA)

A Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy' audio application can prove an effective information and communication tool within hotels and hospitality settings. For example, communication of important announcements, security or incident directive or instructional notices such as fire alarm testing can also be announced and co-ordinated without confusion or panic.

For many of our Hotels and Hospitality PA project installations, we have added playback of pre-recorded announcements. These can be configured to broadcast randomly, schedulled or manually on demand. Playback of pre-recorded audio script messages in this way provides high quality audibility and well as avoiding the possibility of mis-communicated announcements.

Hotels & Hospitality Clients: (example project)

Examples of our Hotels & Hospitality Clients and Projects: (to see more, click HERE)

Hotels and Hospitality Client Project Mondrian - London

(Hotel / Leisure / Hospitality)

  • Audio over IP (AoIP) Design Solution
  • Multi-zone to Target Audio
  • Background Music (BGM) to Public / Guest areas
  • Public Address (PA) throughgout
  • Audio Messages / Lockdown and Incident Alarm
Mondrian Hotel (Southbank / London)

Outline: Our customer operates a multi-national luxury hotel network. The 15 floor, Mondrian Hotel sits in the very heart of London, directly on the river themes within the iconic Sea Containers building. Our brief was to design and install an IP based audio solution that would connect and integrate seamlessly with the existing IT, IP network infrastructure. The solution design should be completely IP based to provide operational and functional 'zoning' flexibility whilst limiting fabric damage and disruption to the running of the hotel during the installation phase of works. Our solution should also integrate with a number of existing Bose Control Space systems in the provision of background music (BGM)

Solution: Installation of a new IP audio solution design, IP speakers and IP microphones. Re-design of Bose Control Space system design and supporting routing matrix software to provide control and coverage to:

•  'Front of house' guest areas; reception, bedroom corridors, bars, restaurants, studios, spa, meeting rooms.
•  'Back of house' staff areas; kitchens, canteens, maintenance, offices, security.

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