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Military & Rescue Audio Systems

Military and Rescue Services Audio Markets

Military & Rescue Public Address, 'Tannoy'

Military bases are usually very large sites with numerous buildings - some airfield sites may cover areas of 2-4 square km's or more. Used by the military and associated rescue services, station 'tannoy' announcements are used to inform the site staff and military personnel about important issues and in many cases to provide vital indications of alert and security actions.

Abletek has worked directly for different military organisations in support of new audio installation projects, design and support of system expansion and maintenance. Specific design challenges associated with the military relate to scale and size of the installations together with the local constraints and distances. We are experienced, specialist audio and acoustic engineering contractors with extensive knowledge and experience of working within the military and rescue services audio market sector.

Military Security & Alarms

Most (we suspect all) military bases employ a Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy' system application. Many of these (especially the airfield sites) also use these systems to provide specific security and alarm tones to indicate certain important events.

Abletek has worked to support a number of military bases with upgrades and migration of their audio systems to include the re-recording of old existing tones/alarms. Designed and installed digitally through new media (WAV and MP3 files) for storage/playback - tones such as: Crash, Fire, NBC, Air Raid, All Clear.

Military & Rescue Clients: (example projects)

Examples of our Military & Rescue Clients and Projects: (to see more, click HERE)

Military and Rescue Client Project RAF Coningsby

(Military / MOD)

  • Huge Installation, 1000+ speakers
  • Public Address (PA) / Station 'Tannoy'
  • Specialist Transmission & Distribution Technology
  • Audio Messages / Playback for Incident Alarm
  • Local building and site 'Broadcast' points
RAF Congingsby (Lincolnshire)

Outline: Huge installation with 1000+ loud speakers spread across the site to around 100 local buildings. Long distances and local cabling infrastructure limitations provide challenge to system design. 30+ separately but linked system installations / local amplifier stacks together with a number of cascading priority primary site-wide broadcast inputs further add to the technical challenge of this large site.

Solution: With some building-to-building distances of over 1km, a robust and independent solution for audio distribution was required. From previous military project experience and other long distance project designs, a traditionally cabled and network distribution of building amplifiers was installed. Raising audio levels to and above professional 'line level' enabled us to carry audio broadcasts whilst maintaining a quality signal integrity throughout the site. To protect local building amplifiers from any unwanted 'noise' from the vast cable infrastructure lengths, Voice Operated Relays (VOR's) were used as a barrier - only opening with a large broadcast signal level.

Bespoke microphones, including message playback buttons (eg. crash alarm, NBC attack...) were installed at the various site broadcast positions.

Military and Rescue Client Project MAGPAS (Air Ambulance)

(Medical / Rescue)

  • Helicopter Air Rescue Service
  • Installation of Pilot Alarm / Notification
  • Audio Tone & Message Playback
  • Co-ordination of Pilots During 'Shout'
  • Audio Link from office to Aircraft Hangar
MAGPAS, RAF Wyton (Nr. Huntingdon)

Outline: Based on the edge of RAF Wyton, MAGPAS operates a helicopter medical and rescue service for surrounding areas / counties. Our customer required an audio notification and alarm system to help co-ordinate pilot and ground crew staff during call out, 'shout' periods.

Solution: Installation of manual activated wall buttons within office building and aircraft hangar to enable staff to raise call out alarm. Audio message playback system to further detail and indicate alarm type for co-ordination of staff and pilots.

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