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Offices & Commercial Audio Systems

Offices and Commercial Audio Markets

Office Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy'

Offices and commercial settings use Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy' audio systems for a variety of reasons and applications. Often these include announcements for staff calling or co-ordinating alarms such as fire alarm and evacuation tests are examples. To help limit audio broadcast disruption (especially for large and/or busy sites), a system design can be created to target audio to individual 'zones' (eg. by room, floor, area or building) is a particularly useful and well used solution for large office settings and/or multi-building offices.

Office and Commercial Audio Applications:

Take a look at the range of typical Office and Commercial audio applications in more detail:

Telephone Access (Traditional and SIP VoIP)

Staff and work activities within offices and commercial settings often involve use of telephones (most staff will have a telephone on their desk). To enable telephone access to making broadcast / PA announcements from telephones through the audio system, we can offer solutions for both traditional and SIP based VoIP telephony. Telephone access and interface in this way provides broadcast location flexibility - users can make PA announcements from anywhere, not tied to a traditional microphone location (essentially limitless microphones).Telephone Interface Access

Offices & Commercial IP Audio (AoIP) Applications

Most offices and commercial settings use and depend on network devices and application services (web, email, database, intranet etc...). This capability and availability of network access generally enables simple evolution and enhancement of existing traditional audio systems and / or the implementation of new and innovative IP audio system solutions. Network and browser based configuration, control and monitoring of IP audio devices and IP speakers can enable office and commercial audio design solutions not possible using traditional audio equipment. For example, using IP microphones and/or IP console units can provide location independent and flexible 'plug and play' input for voice announcements. IP speakers can be monitored and configured individually, providing total control of audio routing, zones and volume output.

Offices & Commercial: (example projects)

Examples of our Offices and Commercial Projects: (to see more, click HERE)

Office and Commercial Client Project Lloyds

(Banking, Offices)

  • Traditionally Amplified, Cabled Design
  • Mass Notification, Incident and Evacuation
  • Public Address (PA), Tannoy Announcements
  • Telephone Interface for Announcement Flexibility
Lloyds (Aylesbury)

Outline: Our customer required a voice announcement solution throughout their offices (iconic Lloyds building) to be used for general PA announcements and to broadcast mass announcements to inform and co-ordinate serious issues and incidents. Extension to this service was later made to provide co-ordination of key-worker staff with associated emergency services.

Solution: Installation of a centralised, traditionally amplified system with loud speakers installed throughout. Of particular challenge was the availability of suitable wall ceiling and space to install speakers (central atrium and glass to external and internal partition walls). A traditional analogue telephone interface unit was also installed to provide system access from site telephones.

Secure access (within key lock cabinets), stairwell microphone points installed to provide audio announcement and co-ordination of staff and associated emergency services during major incident and evacuation events.

Offices and Commercial Client Project Murata Power Services

(Offices and Laboratory)

  • Traditionally Amplified, Cabled Design
  • Simple, 'all calls' Audio Zone
  • Public Address (PA), Tannoy Announcements
  • Telephone Interface, input flexibility
Murata Power Systems (Milton Keynes)

Outline: The Murata Power Systems site in Milton Keynes is a single large building facility - a mixture of mostly offices and large open laboratory areas. Our customer required a voice announcement system for making building wide, ad-hoc general announcements for making staff calls and site wide notifications.

Solution: Installation of a rack mounted, large capacity mixer/amplifier stack (to provide required power for large qty installed speakers). System access was provided via a traditional telephone interface unit.

Two way, full range speakers fitted throughout. Careful choice (Intrinsically Safe and ATEX rated speakers) fitted to defined EX risk and protected areas.

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