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Retail & Consumer Audio Systems

Retail Audio Markets

Retail and Consumer Audio Markets

Single shop, DIY store, retail park or large shopping centre, most retail and consumer business settings employ a voice announcement based audio solution to inform, update, advise and provide information to their customers. Voice announcements are often combined with a Background Music or Radio (BGM) audio application, proving an extremely useful marketing tool for setting mood ambiance and improving customer and shopper experiences.

Retail Audio Applications:

Take a look at the range of typical retail and consumer audio applications in more detail:

Retail Tannoy and Public Address (PA)

Retail, shopping and consumer 'tannoy' systems and public address (PA) applications provide important and effective communications within most shops, shopping centres and retail settings. Audio broadcasts (live voice announcements and playback of pre-recorded voice scripts) provide a means to instantly communicate instructions or information to the staff and to the public. Often, this may be to simply locate a member of staff or more importantly to detail and communicate a specific issue or event (eg. advertisement, lost child, fire alarm testing).

Retail Background Music / Radio (BGM)

Retail BGM

A Background Music or Radio solution can help to enhance the mood and ambiance of retail settings - improving customer experience, which often translates to improved visits and sales.

We offer a wide range of BGM solution applications and designs - traditional, single shop or store to networked IP audio based solution for a national retail chain. Specialist survey & design and speaker selection (acoustic profiling). Advice and support with copyright: Public Licensing - PRS (writers and publishers), PPL (artists and performers).

NEW for 2018: TheMusicLicence - simplified combination licensing.  

Royalty Free BGM / Music

The Music Licence

With an increasing range and availability of 'Royalty Free' music, tracks and playlists, many retail and consumer businesses are using this form of BGM as an alternative to or alongside 'Royalty Paid' music. Royalty free music is unlikely to include latest tracks and songs from the music charts, but is more widely available across music genre with less lyrics and with acoustic / 'music' central to the track or song composition.

For some retail and consumer businesses, using royalty free music as a basis for their BGM may not be an option (those looking to base their BGM on royalty paid, latest chart tracks and songs). However, for others, royalty free music is a viable alternative to traditional royalty paid music. Best of all, royalty free music is generally free from broadcast licencing and associated licencing costs (note: in all cases we advise customer contact with the PPL/PRS to confirm this position).

Retail & Consumer Audio Clients: (example projects)

Examples of our Retail and Consumer Clients and Projects: (to see more, click HERE)

Retail and Consumer Client Project Wagamama

(Consumer / Restaurant)

  • Traditionally Amplified, Cabled Design
  • Multi-zone to Target Audio
  • Bose - dual cone, full range speakers
  • Audio player with bespoke playlists
Wagamama (Rushden Lakes)

Outline: Popular restaurant chain. New installation of background music (BGM) system using Bose dual cone, full frequency range, music speakers. Speakers colour matched to black/dark ceilings and other high level services.

Solution: New build site. The restaurant chain specification for it's restaurant's has a specific speaker type, colour and even zone plan to work to. Working through the principal Mechanical and Electrical contractor for this project, the solution was implemented, using a traditionally amplified and cabled system design. Wall volume controls and zone selection controls installed to provide local management and control over the restaurant audio.

Background music (BGM) is provided from a local rack mount audio player. Audio, songs and playlists are created and managed by local and remote management. Updates to include latest song tracks are made via a web based 3rd party service provider.

Retail and Consumer Client Project Tesco

(Retail / Shopping)

  • Traditionally Amplified, Cabled Design
  • Zoned Background Music (BGM)
  • Multi-zone to Target Audio
  • Staff and Public Announcements (PA / Tannoy)
Tesco Extra (Banbury)

Outline: As one of the UK's largest food retailer, this Tesco Extra site required a background music solution (BGM) and voice announcement system (PA / Tannoy) throughout the store.

Solution: High level, suspended / pendent loud speakers used throughout to provide high quality audibility and wide area coverage.

The traditionally mixed/amplified and cabled audio design and system equipment was installed within a central, dedicated audio rack. Multiple microphone points were cabled throughout the store at specific local audio input points (eg. customer services and various management/till locations).

Audio zones were installed to provide background music (BGM) to target music from bespoke playlists to only certain areas of the store.

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