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Schools & Education Audio Systems

Schools and Education Audio Markets

Schools and Education Audio Applications:

Take a look at the range of typical Schools and Education audio applications in more detail:

Schools & Education Tannoy and Public Address (PA)

Often large sites, lots of staff and students - a Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy' audio application can prove an effective information and communication tool within many schools and education settings.
School and education audio system applications have been used historically within the school halls and assembly areas for events and stage performances. Today, most schools and education sites extend system their PA, 'Tannoy' service into all areas (eg. classrooms, staffrooms, external).
This enables additional capability and function - applications such as staff / teacher calling, class change bells/tones or even security, 'Lockdown' messages/tones during a period of heightened security.

School Lockdown & Mass Notification

School Lockdown

Rapid and effective communication, combined with clear and robust lockdown / mass notification policies and procedures help to ensure swift action is taken to mitigate and minimise risk or harm.
Working to government guidelines and UK National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) Guidance Note 1/2015, Abletek provides school lockdown solution design and installation services to schools and the wider education sector.

School Class Change and Bells

School Class Change

A traditional class chgange and 'school bells' system relies on a series of electrical sounders and limited manually operated timer for control and schedulling of bells operation for class change, lunch and end of day.

Integrating a school class change application together with the school public address (PA) / tannoy application provides enhanced ultilisation of investment as well as improved functional and flexibility class change capabilities.

 Software Based Configuration and Scheduling
 Audio File Play Back (MP3/Wav - any audio; bells, tones, music)
 Zones: Control and Target Class Change
 Traditionally amplified and wired and/or IP Audio Class Change

Playback Scheduling - Audio Clips and Announcements

Scheduling Playback

Audio tracks (audio clips, announcements and even music) are stored on the audio player. Universal browser GUI access is available for manual selection and control of playback. Automated playback of all audio is also available through simple scheduling application:


Schools & Education Background Music / Radio (BGM)

School and Education BGM

A Background Music or Radio (BGM) solution can help to enhance the mood and ambiance of the installation setting. We regularly work with schools and education facilities to provide flexible solutions to enable BGM. Sometimes large areas, but often specific areas, rooms that are used by the staff/students during lunch/break times. School radio, part of a student project, learning or training course.

We offer a wide range of BGM solution applications and designs - traditional or integrated/networked IP audio based solution (inc WiFi) to provide improved service and location/zone flexibility. Specialist survey & design and speaker selection (acoustic profiling). Advice and support with copyright: Public Licensing - PRS (writers and publishers), PPL (artists and performers).

Schools & Education Clients: (example projects)

Examples of our Schools & Education Clients and Projects: (to see more, click HERE)

Schools and Education Client Project Bicetser Community College

(School / Education)

  • IP Audio Solution to Provide deployment flexibility
  • Public Address (PA) / Tannoy
  • Multi-Zone Solution to Enable Target Audio
  • Student Input Source & Music (BGM)
  • Message Playback for Incident / Lockdown Alarm
Bicester Community College (Oxfordshire)

Outline: A site wide audio solution was required to enable staff and student voice announcement broadcasts (PA/Tannoy announcements). Locally triggered pre-recorded audio message files were required for use during major incident or alarms, including 'Lockdown' activation. A local student input rig was also required to help support/enhance music lessons and also use during lunch/break times.

Solution: To provide speaker and system deployment flexibility and to create flexible audio zones our customer was keen to use Audio over IP (AoIP). Traditional cabled audio technologies would have not been complicated and ineffective in providing this capability.

IP Speakers, IP Microphone/s and various IP audio decoder/encoder devices were installed on to the school network to enable broadcast announcements and audio input for music streaming. Browser access and monitoring of IP devices and IP Speakers provided staff and students to define and control audio streaming, creating and adjusting audio zones as part of learning and development as well as social for playback during break/lunchtime periods.

Scholls and Education Client Project Sutton St. James CP School

(CP Primary / School)

  • Medium Sized CP School
  • School Wide Installation
  • Lockdown and Class Change Applications
  • Staff and Student Communication
  • Tradtionally Wired and IP
Sutton St. James CP School (Nr. Wisbech)

Outline: Our customer required improved day to day communications between staff and students. In addition, the system was to be used to provide early notification of any indident or alarm that required action from staff and/or external agencies (eg. medical or security / 'lockdown').

Solution: A traditionally cabled, site wide system solution was installed. Connection to the existing school IP network was also made to enable linkage between certain areas of the main building and other smaller buildings (no cable routes or ducting were available).

Staff designed procedure for notification of serious incident or decision to 'lockdown' the school. School 'bells' and class change scheduller and message player also installed.

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