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Sports & Leisure Audio Systems

Sports and Leisure Centre Audio Markets

Sports & Leisure Centre Public Address, 'Tannoy'

Simple, reliable and clear audio broadcast between staff and to the general public at the push of a button. A Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy' audio application can prove an effective information and communication tool within many sports and leisure centre settings.
Often combined with a additional audio applications such as Background Music (BGM), or even a Voice Alarm (VA) audio application to integrate with the buiding fire alarm system. We are experienced, specialist audio and acoustic engineering contractors with extensive knowledge and experience of working within the sports and leisure centre audio market sector.

Sports and Leisure Centre Audio Applications:

Take a look at the range of typical Sports and Leisure Centre audio applications in more detail:

Sports and Leisure Centre Background Music (BGM)

Sports and Leisure Centre BGM

A Background Music (BGM) system solution can help to enhance the mood and ambiance of the sports and leisure centre installation setting - often improving exercise focus and intensity and overall sporting experience. From the venue and business perspective, BGM is somewhat expected by the service users within many sports and leisure centre settings. Employment of BGM generally translates to improved revenue through increased visitor numbers.

We offer a wide range of BGM solution applications and designs for sports and leisure centre venues. This can range from traditional, single site to networked IP audio based solution for a national sports chain. Specialist survey & design and speaker selection (acoustic profiling). Advice and support with copyright: Public Licensing - PRS (writers and publishers), PPL (artists and performers).  

Royalty Free BGM / Music

The Music Licence

With an increasing range and availability of 'Royalty Free' music, tracks and playlists, many sports and leisure businesses are using this form of BGM as an alternative to or alongside 'Royalty Paid' music. Royalty free music is unlikely to include latest tracks and songs from the music charts, but is more widely available across music genre with less lyrics and with acoustic / 'music' central to the track or song composition.

For some sports and leisure businesses, using royalty free music as a basis for their BGM may not be an option (those looking to base their BGM on radio or royalty paid, latest chart tracks and songs). However, for others, royalty free music is a viable alternative to traditional royalty paid music. Best of all, royalty free music is generally free from broadcast licencing and associated licencing costs (note: in all cases we advise customer contact with the PPL/PRS to confirm this position).

Sports & Leisure Clients: (example projects)

Examples of our Sports & Leisure Clients and Projects: (to see more, click HERE)

Sports and Leisure Client Project DC Leisure

(Sports / Leisure Centre)

  • Traditionally Amplified, Cabled Design
  • Multi-zone to Target Audio
  • Background Music (BGM) to cafe areas
  • Public Address (PA) throughgout all public areas
  • Audio Messages / Playback for Incident / Help
Latchmere Leisure Centre (Wandsworth / London)

Outline: Local leisure centre, part of the wider DC Leisure group. New installation of a site wide Public Address (PA) and background music (BGM) system using a traditionally cabled, mixed/amplified design. Special consideration given to speaker selection and locations within the swimming pool and water side areas.

Solution: The Latchmere leisure centre complex had no existing audio broadcast or communication system installation. Initial discussions with our customer identified the requirement to target audio - a multi-zone design to afford dedicated zone and area selection was installed: Zones including: Swimming Pool, Main Gym/Hall, Weights and Fitness areas, Creche & Cafe/Restaurant.

The system was also designed to provide manual trigger of message file activation and playback. This was to be used by the staff to indicate major incident within the leisure centre and also any pool side issues/help required.

Sports and Leisure Client Project TVKC (PFI International)

(Sports & Leisure / Karting)

  • UK's Larget Karting Club
  • Installation of 'Commentary' and 'Paddock' PA
  • Licenced Radio Microphones for Grid Interviews
  • Multi-zone to Target Audio
  • Diver Call, interviews and Briefing
Trent Valley Karting Club, TVKC (Nr. Newark)

Outline: Based at the PFI International track nr. Newark, TVKC is the UK's largest karting club. Our brief was to provide high quality and reliable audio broadcast from race control and commentary against challenging high ambient noise levels created by the karting activities.

Solution: Strategic selection of speaker design (a mix of single/two way horn and projector speakers) and considered installation locations enabled us maintain decent volume levels and audibility against the competitive noise from racing and paddock kart testing / preparation.

Traditional cabling via heavy duty armoured cables was used throughout much of the site to provide robust protection against busy vehicle and engineering activities. Large capacity, multi-channel amplifiers with complete 'hot spares' were installed to provide audio power capacity and system redundancy.

A licenced CH38 dual/tru diversity radio microphone system with powered / active antenna was also installed and connected to the wider 'Commentary' system to provide grid talks, driver briefing and interviews.

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