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Client Projects - Commercial Audio

Audio Systems Installation Specialists

Abletek designs, installs and maintains pro audio systems and commercial audio installations throughout the UK (it's what we do). This position is somewhat unique - with access and experience across the entire commercial audio market, it enables us to create audio system designs and install audio projects that best meet the functional and financial demand for our customers. Our business focus, subject knowledge and contracting experience provides the basis of our success, which is why our customers choose Abletek to install their commercial audio system requirements.

Our Clients: Our client base and audio systems installation projects portfolio covers the entire commercial industry spectrum. From food factory to sports venue to hospitals and restaurants, our audio design and installation services extends from large national and international corporate clients to small, local businesses and local authority settings.

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Why Abletek for your Audio Installation?

Working to support end clients directly or through main project consultants and contractors, we offer a free quotation service. Our audio systems installation proposal and quotation process is likely to involve an initial discussion with the client and data gathering exercise (by phone and email). This is often followed up with a visit to the proposed installation site to meet, confirm details and survey the installation locations and environment (for existing sites). These details are used to create a project specification which will form the basis of our proposal and quotation offer to our clients.

Unrivalled Experience & Expertise:

Food factory, school, hotel, sporting venue, shopping centre or animal sanctuary, we have provided contract commercial audio installation services to just about every conceivable location and commercial setting. In business since 2001, we have a proven record of successful commercial audio system design and installation, having installed 100's of commercial audio systems throughout the UK.

Our audio installation engineers are qualified, experienced individuals. Working at height, within confined spaces, with specialist installation and access equipment, or working within harsh and sometimes dangerous environments - we always work to understand and are sympathetic to the customer business activities and the local installation environment.

Latest Audio Technologies - IP Audio (AoIP)

Audio over IP (AoIP) and streaming audio via LAN's, WAN's, WiFi, VPN's and the Internet enables opportunity and new thinking to audio system design, function, capability and installation. Whilst the majority of our 'core' system designs and installations remain traditionally mixed / amplified - many of our new design solutions have been enhanced with elements of AoIP. This is especially true with audio 'distribution', where we can utilise the client IT/IP networks to stream audio between areas, buildings and even to different sites.

Abletek is fully committed to providing all that the industry has to offer, including new and emerging Audio over IP (AoIP) based technologies. Since the mid 2000's, Abletek have been working closely with industry manufacturers and application developers. As a result, our experience, knowledge and technical capabilities provide us with a unique and industry leading position for the design and installation of integrated IP audio applications. We also have a growing portfolio of Commercial IP Audio Applications; IP PA, IP BGM, IP Tannoy and IP based audio system client installations.