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Support Services

Customer Support Services

Customer Support Services:

Projects and Technical Support:
Need support with your commercial audio project? For technical support and advice about audio technology, product devices, applications or wider commercial audio applications, please contact us on 0345 3870123.

Site Support & Maintenance:
Abletek Installed Products and Systems:
Our standard post-installation warranty for Abletek installed products and systems is 12 months (subject to our terms & conditions, warranty extensions are also available).
Contracted Support: We offer contracted site support and maintenance. Rates and level of cover offered to reflect the size, complexity and importance of the installation.
Non-Abletek Installed Products and Systems:
We can provide site support and maintenance of non-Abletek installed products and systems.

Service Call Out Request:
Testing, repairs, setup and commissioning - we offer a site service call out for new customers or existing Abletek customers without warranty or contracted support cover. For further details, please visit our Service Call Out Request page.

Design & Consultancy Services:

"Strong in Design" The design of any commercial audio system is important against it's success. We can all recall speakers being worked so hard / loud that words or music just cant be understood. A well balanced and strategic approach to demand against system capability is essential to good design. Speaker type, qty and location together with respect to ambient noise and local acoustics all provide input to support and create a successful design.

Our Audio Design Services are used in support of all new Abletek projects and installations. We can also offer our design services against existing installations (Abletek or other), system extension, update or improvement works.

Traditional and IP Commercial Audio - Traditional and new audio over IP technologies. The large majority of our pa / tannoy installations remain traditionally cable based, with little or no integration to other building or communications systems. This position is primarily one of 'why fix or change for the sake of doing so'. We recognise and support this position, but also explain how new products and technologies may 'enable' improved system working or design (might even save money!). However, we do recognise that new technologies can and do make a huge difference to pa and tannoy system design. For example, we can offer products that IP based that integrate with a customers data network (IP PA and IP Tannoy). Audio path based IP (VoIP) can also be employed to leverage correctly designed / quality of service (QoS) data networks, even power over ethernet (PoE) mid or end span can provide speaker power for truly 'Speaker Anywhere' deployment capability.

Installation & Contractor Services:

Abletek provides professional, timely, safe installation & contractor services. Our subject knowledge and wide contracting experience provides the basis of success, which is why customers choose Abletek to support them with their Public Address (PA), 'Tannoy', Background Music (BGM) commercial audio system requirements.

All projects and installations are evaluated and discussed with associated customer and contractor representatives. Project planning, including specific project documentation, such as: risk assessments, method statements, H&S, asbestos, working at height etc. Again, we are experienced with such evaluation and will provide and support the project, customer and contractor as required and appropriate.

We always respect local installation and cabling policies and will ensure that we work with customers to respect these (eg. we may discuss speaker location or cable routing plans in special or sensitive areas or locations such as - production, food, cold stores, listed / old / historical buildings, religious buildings or even hazardous / ATEX areas).